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Thanks for choosing to cooperate with Duomai. Your continued support is high appreciated. Below is our latest policy on how to earn and redeem reward points.

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Reward Points

Reward points will be updated once a day. When you earn ¥1 you get one reward point. Points are earned on the commission amount over ¥1. Your points will accrue automatically and be available for you to use to redeem any gift.

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May 31, 2013


Q1: Can I redeem points for cash?
A: No. Points can only be used to redeem gifts.

Q2: Will my reward points expire?
A: Any unused reward points will expire by the end of next year from the time they were earned.

Q3: Can I check my reward points balance and history?
A: You can view and manage your reward points through the Gifts Redeem section of your customer account. This details your total points balance and a cumulative history of all your points acquired, redeemed and lost. You can also check the expiry date on points you've earned.